Monday, March 21, 2011

I'd Rather be a Role Model Than A Super Model

In my internet wandering i found this picture that really describes where I am right now:

I'm definitely Not On a Diet (and you shouldn't be either), I make sure to take care of myself , and I live pretty Guiltless-ly
I heard Diane von Furstenberg speak and a lot of what she said about love, body image, and beauty empowered me
Join me. Fight for the right to love yourself. Let's Stop Self Hate
Who's joining me in arms in this battle?
Spring has sprung-let's start it on a brand new (body/self loving) foot!


Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

Important and hits home with me now more than ever because my body is a bit different post-baby :-)

Cora said...

I am in love with this entire post! thank you thank you thank you!!!