Friday, March 11, 2011

Raw Curls

Beverly MA, is slightly North of Boston, and would have never fallen under my radar if it wasn't for a very special little Organic, Raw Cafe, called Rawberts.
I'm a huge fan and went with Annabelle several weeks ago to redeem our Groupon savings.

if you have any questions about herbs, ask this girl!

Well I just couldn't get enough, so last week Janel and I roadtripped up to Beverly for another lunch date, and a very special hair cut.
I had a Monk's bowl (greens, chili, kale chips, and sprouted quinoa mmmm) and Janel had the Numa bowl.
We finished it off with a rich, raw dessert. I had the blueberry crumble (the blueberries just sang through!) and Janel had the Apple cake.

It was hard to believe both were raw and so nutrient rich! Read Janel's review of lunch Thanks Rawbert!

After lunch we headed to Cala Renee salon for a curl-specific hair cut. Let me tell you a little bit about my hair. I haven't always liked my hair, and spent many days in highschool straightening it's waves. But lately I have grown to appreciate it even more and keep it curly-not to mention it takes much less time! I have also not experienced many of the 'horrors' that I often hear from curly-hair girls. I have been pretty satisfied with most of my stylist and aside from the junior-high 'crunchy curl' look, and before the the mistakes of combing out my curls into a 'fro (you're never seeing those pictures), I haven't been traumatized by my locks. On the other hand, I never knew how GOOD my curls could look until Cala took them into her expert hands.

(admittedly not my best hairday. i blame the wind. )
i can definitely say I'm proud to be a curly girl!!
Beverly, I like you, and I'll be back for more organic, raw vegan cuisine, and curl therapy soon!

294 Cabot St.
Beverly, MA 01915

309 Rantoul St
Beverly MA 01915


Janel said...

You are gorgeous!!! Had such a fun day with you - always do :)
p.s. I'm the curly hair horror queen.

Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day said...

I love your hair!

The food looks great from Rawberts... I live so close.. I should go down there.. I go to Gloucester a lot to visit family..

Christina said...

your hair looks so great! My hair is straight (but not stick straight) but I often wish for it to be wavy! I even got one of those loose perms a couple years ago and it lasted for almost 3 years lol

jess [mycameraeatsfood] said...

yess curly girl power! check out devachan in nyc + pure hair design in boston.

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

Thank you ladies!!!! and Jess I'm going to have to check out those studios too! Thank you!

Kara said...

loving the curls ladies!

Molly Forman said...

Another benefit of Beverly: I live there!

Organic Garden is maybe a block from Josh's apartment, next time you go will you pleeeaassseee invite me? My friends and I went once and could not decipher the menu... one girl ended up with a raw bagel and we have no idea how!