Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tossed in Boston

I feel like I'm constantly bemoaning the fact that there are so few places to get good salads in this city, while when I travel to New York or San Francisco it seems like there is a fresh salad bar on every corner!

So when a PR rep emailed me to say she would love for me to try Tossed in return for review on DWSCI I jumped at the chance.
A place to get a fresh delicious salad, custom-made, in Boston?? Sign me up!

The menu clearly lays out what is vegetarian and they have a wide array of salads, paninis, and crepes (with whole wheat!). Everything is very customizable and there is an entire section on the menu of "Design your own salad or crepe wrap"
I got the Summer salad with the dressing on the side. (I'm super picky about dressings so I always get it on the side to make sure I like the way it tastes before it intermingles with the other ingredients).
The salad was a mixed green base with fresh corn, strawberries, fried plantains, golden raisins and plum tomatos. It was delicious!
not a fan
I ended up not liking the dressing but the salad flavors shown through!

I definitely want to return to check out some of their other offerings! Thanks Sarah and the whole Tossed team!

Disclaimer: Yes I did get a free lunch. But the opinions stated here are entirely my own, and in no ways influenced by the fact that I saved $10 on my meal

Have you tried any great new restaurants lately?

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oatsandspice said...

OOOOooo I have never seen a Tossed before - this place looks delicious though - I would be in heavennnn :)