Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain, Rain go away

Spring is here! But these April showers had better bring many May flowers.
Sometimes I'm spontaneous, and decide to take 48 hour trips to New York at the last minute.
Stay tuned for posts about how I ate my way through NYC, and who I found there.

In the meantime, I highly recommend that you read:

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

We live in a truly gorgeous world. I wonderlust after it everyday.

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Let's take care of this earth.
  • Get out![side that is]
  • Maybe cut some meat out of your life today:
"The livestock sector, including feed production and transport, is responsible for about 18 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. "
-Stanford Report, March 16, 2010 "New report reveals the environmental and social impact of the 'livestock revolution'"

How are you celebrating this Earthday/Passover/Easter weekend???? I'm in NYC visiting good friends and family!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Taste of the Nation & Marathon Monday

Who could say no to Good Food for an Even Greater Cause? I volunteered for my third year with Taste of the Nation Boston.
Share our Strength is a national non-profit dedicated to ending child hunger in the US. They throw these events in cities around the US, and top chefs, and wine& food purveyors donate their time and goods. They are always amazing events, and you definitely won't leave them hungry! (read my 2009 and 2010 recaps!) The statistics are still dismal though- Nearly 1 out of 4 children in America -more than 17 million- struggle with hunger. Sara, Gina, Molly, Melissa and I volunteered and we also saw Katie there. After doing our volunteer duty of "crowd control" we headed into the event and went straight for the wine.
Apfel eis-aka Apple Ice Wine from Harvard, MA is delightfully sweet, with no added sugar. It takes over 80 apples to make each bottle! A very slow fermentation at cold temperatures keeps the sugar from the apples to the final product. I had this in Montreal several years ago, but love seeing a local variety!
For every bottle of flipflop wine purchased, Soles4Souls will distribute a pair of shoes to someone in need. How cool is that??

Mini cocktails with organic gin.
Harpoon cider and wine make Gina and i very happy
Not a lot of vegetarian or vegan options but plenty of wine and beer so I was happy! Iggys Bread, taza chocolate and samasos from Mela kept me from being a total wastecase.
Gina and Sara loved the gluten free cupcakes at gluteneous minimus
And there were culinary adventures to be had as well. Gargoyles on the Square Chef Jason Santos (and his distinct blue hair) embraced molecular gastronomy with an ice cream experience to be remembered: After chewing on a spoon full of 'chili buds' our entire mouth went numb.
Than we ate lemon sorbet-made in seconds with liquid nitrogen. The mouthfeel was unbelievable. Hot and cold, numb and tingling-fantastic!!!

We definitely left feeling satisfied. Taste of the Nation was a perfect kickoff to a great weekend. I was again blow away by the beauty and athleticism of dance at my friend Dana's recital on friday. Then I woke up bright and early on Saturday to head to the Boston Marathon Expo where I met the Pure2raw twins Michelle and Lori at their sister's company, RawThreads.
just as sweet and beautiful in real life as their online presence makes them seem!
All the clothes were fabulous. Soooooo soft and made from sustainable. bamboo which is naturally moisture wicking, breathable and odor resistant. it also blocks 99% of sun's rays! I had the hardest time picking what I wanted. Do I get the mens fit Bahstan Runnah?? I decided on an adorable aqua blue tank w a built-in bra-it will be perfect for the Houston heat!!
Next I headed to one of the Runner's World seminars.
Tara Mardigan (RD to the Red Sox, and Dana Farber RD) spoke about sports nutrition, proper fueling, how to eat right to recover faster and busted some sports nutrition myths.
She said: "If you're thirsty-it's too late." A great reminder to stay hydrated as we all reached for our water bottles. She's a huge role model and mentor to me so go check out her website and follow her on twitter!

Expos always mean lots of free goodies and I snagged a mini larabar, and a tart cherry sample and chatted Donny at Saucony up about their new minimalist shoes.
I LOVE my kirvanas and they recently debuted an even more minimal line-Hattori. a regular shoe has a 12:1 heel:toe ratio. The kirvana is 4:1. This new shoes is 1:1-totally barefoot and fits like a sock! I much prefer this to the vibrams-be my toes don't enjoy being seperated. Plus they come with a cheaper pricetag-not to shabby!

You can find me today on Beacon St-cheering my heart out for Eric, Matt, Kerri, Melissa and Molly!! Good luck to Everyone!!

Have you ever watched or run the Boston Marathon? What about met someone you only know online? (and no, that doesn't just apply to online dating!!)
ps did you see this list of new food trucks coming to Boston? Super psyched! Getting a little bummed I'm leaving-but hey I can always come back!

Monday, April 11, 2011

411 on my loves and hates

Things I love:
Sharing food with othersEspecially when it's your roommate of four years, and it's an all vegan meal of whole wheat gnocci (from Trader Joes-amazing!!), pasta sauce (marinara, eggplant, chickpeas) and roasted asparagus (with olive oil and roasted red pepper flakes).
extra points for wine being involved
yes i do buy wine based on the bottle. don't judge.

Shatter Nail Polish and Contigo Coffee Mugs
bet you didn't know i liked pink...

That spring has finally come to Boston
Discovering Freshly Juiced Fruits and vegetables in Boston
at Blue Shirt Cafe in Davis Sq, Thanks to Steph
and a being with a guy that will still kiss me after drinking carrot, orange, lemon, garlic, & ginger juice.

Being Inspired by Beauty
"Sexy" is more than the shape of your hips and the size of your boobs. I definitely agree that confidence is the key to sexiness.

Crazy Craft Beers
not to be super hipster or anything....but if PlayBoy says it's good, than it must be
Aprihop-Apricot IPA by Dogfish Head
best enjoyed while watching Lost and eating babycarrots

Things I hate
Guilting people into going to the gym.
because that's just setting you down a dark and twisted path. Read my post on why Guilt is not a Good Motivator

and have a wonderful, lovely week!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Racing Onward

After a very long wait I matched to my top choice of Dietetic Internships: University of HoustonTruth be told I would have been thrilled to get placed in any of the four institutions I apply to, but like Med School and sororities you put your choices in a ranked list and a computer "matches" you. It's very very competitive, with less than half of all eligible students getting "matched." But watch out Texas 'cause here I come! I've started to virtually meet the other interns and I think it's going to be a very fun 6 months!

Yes, I am swapping walking/taking the T everywhere for driving everywhere
Yes, I will not be seeing any powder for quite some time, and while July may be quite awful-i know a lot of people who will be quite jealous of me in December.
I'm going to miss Boston, and the wonderful people I know here, and while I hate goodbyes I know it's not forever. Plus I have a lot of nooks and crannies in Boston to see before I leave!

If you have a favorite spot in either Houston or Boston please do let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 4, 2011

All American: A Burger and Fries Round Up

When the NYTimes wrote about the rebirth of the Veggie Burger and waxed poetic about the 5 Napkins Burger Veggie Burger, I thanked my lucky stars that one was opening in Boston as I read.

I coerced Katherine, Amanda and Emily to join me on the day 5 Napkins open their doors for lunch, to try these famed veggie burgers.
A beautiful beet-red burger, where you could see and taste all the vegetables, legumes and whole grains that went into it. A far far distant relative to the faux meat crap burgers vegans and vegetarians often get served in restaurants (yes i'm looking at your awful burger Deep Ellum, Boca and Ufood). Served on a whole grain bun, with lettuce, tomato and grey poupon, it was basically veggie burger paradise. I couldn't say no to an order of sweet potato fries, but I've had better. The Atwater Vanilla Java Stout is not to be skipped over, even if it is Wednesday at 1pm.

In a perfect world this veggie burgers would be served with Saus fries, hands down the best fries in Boston. Nestled in Haymarket/Faneuil Hall, this little spot only sells Belgian fries and waffles, but your menu can be limited if your product is perfect. Which it is. Add a wide array of sauces and Saus wins. Pictures of Tin-Tin all over the walls earn extra gold stars.
But if you wanted fries less dripping with oil, and wanted to keep the rest of your meal as healthy as the 5 Napkins veggie burger, I highly recommend that UFood Grill unFries. Baked in a bit of canola oil, you can not tell in the least that they are not fried.
Obviously I need to create my own restaurants that serves these three things under 1, fantastic roof..... Any venture capitalists want to back this?
5 Napkin Burgers
105 Huntington Avenue
(Prudential Center)

UFood Grill
201 Brookline Ave
in Landmark Center


33 Union St

Where have you had your best burger? Fries? Are you a veggie-veggie burger or faux-meat burger kinda person?

**If you are Boston Foodie- I met Jesse Cook, the founder of DineOut Boston at an event on Monday, and he is launching a dining/nightlife with a first event at Gaslight in the South End on Monday, April 18 from 6pm to 8pm. The second event will be at The Gallows in the South End on Monday, May 9 from 6pm to 8pm. Check out DinoutBoston for more information!**

Friday, April 1, 2011

Building Knife Skills at Artepicure

Let me start by saying I am not the world's best cook. I was blessed to have an amazing cook as a mother, and never took the time to learn all of her secrets. While I enjoy and delight in eating good and delicious food, can boil pasta, and make a meannnn salad, I'm not the type of person who LOVES to cook. I get by, but eating is much more fun than making for me. I acknowledge this as a weakness. As a nutrition expert and RD-to-be, I hope to share with my future clients how to make delicious, easy, healthy food, so the first step is to improve my own cooking skills. Perhaps I should do a Julia & Julia-esque cook-through of one of the many unopened cookbooks in my apartment, schedule a few more hours in my day, and just bite the bullet. But I took the first step several weeks ago, by taking a Knife Skills class at Artepicure Cooking School in Somerville MA. Knowing how to work with your knives is the first step for any time of culinary work, so I though it would be a great starting off point.
Nestled in an artist's building, the room is part home, part kitchen, with assorted, fascinating knick-knacks and trinkets scattered everywhere
pots and chairspuppets and kitchenaids
cookbooks upon cookbooks upon cookbooks
It was a very hands-on three hour session. We got right to chopping, fingers in.
sizing up my progress
After everything was the proper size we sampled the fruits of our labor in artfully prepared ratatouille, potato leek soup and apple cake. A friday afternoon brought together a wide-range of ages, interests and professions, making for very interesting conversation.

Knife skills is a great foundation, but Artepicure has a WIDE range of classes, with everything from vegan, tapas, gluten free, cooking around the world, molecular gastronomy and chocolate centered classes. I definitely need to come back soon!

On a more sober note:
It can be easy to feel pretty helpless when hearing the stories of devastation in Japan. I think the best thing to do is look at our resources, what we have and what we can do. If you like to eat and/or run like me, I suggest you check these out:

Support Relief Efforts In Japan with Bakesales for Japan nationwide April 2nd!

No bakesale near you? Chocolate Covered Katie is the sweetest blogger around, and she's having a huge blog bakesale for Japan April 5th!

Run for Japan: Nike has launched “Donate Japan,” a campaign designed to encourage people to log the kilometers they are running to raise money for the relief efforts in Japan after the March earthquake and tsunami devastated the country.

Have you ever taken a cooking class? What did you learn from it? What have you been able to do to lend a helping hand to Japan?