Monday, April 11, 2011

411 on my loves and hates

Things I love:
Sharing food with othersEspecially when it's your roommate of four years, and it's an all vegan meal of whole wheat gnocci (from Trader Joes-amazing!!), pasta sauce (marinara, eggplant, chickpeas) and roasted asparagus (with olive oil and roasted red pepper flakes).
extra points for wine being involved
yes i do buy wine based on the bottle. don't judge.

Shatter Nail Polish and Contigo Coffee Mugs
bet you didn't know i liked pink...

That spring has finally come to Boston
Discovering Freshly Juiced Fruits and vegetables in Boston
at Blue Shirt Cafe in Davis Sq, Thanks to Steph
and a being with a guy that will still kiss me after drinking carrot, orange, lemon, garlic, & ginger juice.

Being Inspired by Beauty
"Sexy" is more than the shape of your hips and the size of your boobs. I definitely agree that confidence is the key to sexiness.

Crazy Craft Beers
not to be super hipster or anything....but if PlayBoy says it's good, than it must be
Aprihop-Apricot IPA by Dogfish Head
best enjoyed while watching Lost and eating babycarrots

Things I hate
Guilting people into going to the gym.
because that's just setting you down a dark and twisted path. Read my post on why Guilt is not a Good Motivator

and have a wonderful, lovely week!


embracement said...

Just found your blog, love finding new Boston (vegetarian friendly) restaurants to go to! I have got to try that Vegan pizza in Allston, I'll be moving right by there shortly.

Jackie Smith (the other one) said...

Dogfish Head is delicious beer! Have you seen their show, "Brewmasters"? It's On Demand right now.