Monday, April 4, 2011

All American: A Burger and Fries Round Up

When the NYTimes wrote about the rebirth of the Veggie Burger and waxed poetic about the 5 Napkins Burger Veggie Burger, I thanked my lucky stars that one was opening in Boston as I read.

I coerced Katherine, Amanda and Emily to join me on the day 5 Napkins open their doors for lunch, to try these famed veggie burgers.
A beautiful beet-red burger, where you could see and taste all the vegetables, legumes and whole grains that went into it. A far far distant relative to the faux meat crap burgers vegans and vegetarians often get served in restaurants (yes i'm looking at your awful burger Deep Ellum, Boca and Ufood). Served on a whole grain bun, with lettuce, tomato and grey poupon, it was basically veggie burger paradise. I couldn't say no to an order of sweet potato fries, but I've had better. The Atwater Vanilla Java Stout is not to be skipped over, even if it is Wednesday at 1pm.

In a perfect world this veggie burgers would be served with Saus fries, hands down the best fries in Boston. Nestled in Haymarket/Faneuil Hall, this little spot only sells Belgian fries and waffles, but your menu can be limited if your product is perfect. Which it is. Add a wide array of sauces and Saus wins. Pictures of Tin-Tin all over the walls earn extra gold stars.
But if you wanted fries less dripping with oil, and wanted to keep the rest of your meal as healthy as the 5 Napkins veggie burger, I highly recommend that UFood Grill unFries. Baked in a bit of canola oil, you can not tell in the least that they are not fried.
Obviously I need to create my own restaurants that serves these three things under 1, fantastic roof..... Any venture capitalists want to back this?
5 Napkin Burgers
105 Huntington Avenue
(Prudential Center)

UFood Grill
201 Brookline Ave
in Landmark Center


33 Union St

Where have you had your best burger? Fries? Are you a veggie-veggie burger or faux-meat burger kinda person?

**If you are Boston Foodie- I met Jesse Cook, the founder of DineOut Boston at an event on Monday, and he is launching a dining/nightlife with a first event at Gaslight in the South End on Monday, April 18 from 6pm to 8pm. The second event will be at The Gallows in the South End on Monday, May 9 from 6pm to 8pm. Check out DinoutBoston for more information!**


Katie @ The Aspiring RD said...

You MUST try the veggie burger at Hillstone in Faneuil Hall! It has a great teriyaki flavor and is my FAVE VB of all time - but I must try 5 Napkin!

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

I loved the burger at 5 Napkin Burger! It was SO good!

Daisy said...

heck yes! all three top my list. okay, so a slight adjustment would be the 5 napkin meat patty burger, but you catch my drift! fun post :)

Meg said...

I can't wait to see what you can find in Texas for veggie burgers ;)

Lauren said...

5 napkin is on my street in NYC would you believe I haven't tried the veggie burger, I will now. I didn't know they opened in Boston. That makes me nervous, will they get too big? Will my beloved tuna burger not be as good. Can't wait to come to posted and try the fries too, my weakness is fries.

Katherine said...

Dearest, not that I want to correct you on your own blog, but I think I'm linked to the wrong Twitter name. Only trying to up my followers!! Shanks. :)

embracement said...

Isn't 5 Napkin Burger the best? I've been in NY and am SO glad it's in Boston now!