Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Day

Today marks some new beginnings:
I have a new ride
and a new internship
and I enter the world of 9-5 (more like 8-6 but who's really counting...) I couldn't be more thrilled! Lots to learn, do and see in my last few month in Boston! I hope to still have time to be social and write, even if it's just lists of things I love, like this:
  • Time to Celebrate! Today marks the start of American Craft Beer Week so grab a local microbeer and give me a big round of cheers!
My newest favorites are: Beer Morke Pumperknickel Porter , Apricot IPAs (either DogFish Head or Melissa's Homebrew), and anything/everything Shorts Brewery and Berkshire Brewing Company makes. And if you can find the Samual Adams Category 23 Longshot American Homebrew Contest mix pack in your local liquor store, the "Honey B's Lavender Ale" is not to be missed!

(Click to enlarge)

Why Buy Local Infographic

with Farmer's Markets about to open I can't wait to make my food a little bit more sustainable! Want even more convincing about buying local food? Check out this adorable kids choir's song!

What's new in your life??


Jess said...

That little comic had me rolling :-)

carlenesfigments said...

Woah,'s american craft beer week? Time to celebrate this culinary wonderfulness! We had a microbrewery next to my college campus that had my favorite apricot ale.

Lauren said...

good luck with the internship, lots of food information here. Love the local eating diagram.