Monday, May 9, 2011

Try New Things

It's good to try new things.
Like spending an entire day with a French Bulldog

World, meet Criquet, my one true love.
Like trying Gluten Free Pasta for dinner with two of my favorite people.
Gluten free pasta has come very far, and is actually a fantastic replacement for regular pasta if you're feeling like a little switch-up. DeBoles Multigrain Penne is made with rice quinoa and amaranth, and is same color and texture as whole wheat pasta. I love multi-colored pasta so Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta Vegetables Spirals hit the spot. and I swear that's not just the wine talking.
Like trying a new food truck- Bon Me
Government center is HOPPING these days with Food Trucks. It's a tough call between Clover, Momogoose and Bon Me, but we opted to go for the one we'd never tried before.
It was a good decision. And though I failed as a blogger, and didn't take a picture of my meal, I HIGHLY recommend their rice noodle salad with tofu and mushrooms. mmmmmm. want some right now It also helps when you have lovely company, like Rori and Chloe.

Like checking out these fantastic finds on the internet:
What will you try this week??


iheartvegetables said...

This week, I want to try making some gluten free stuff! One of my good friends is gluten free and we're having a potluck, so I'm trying to think of something cool to make!

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

I definitely think gluten free has come quite the ways.
Love your dog! What a face! Just adorable!

Janel said...

Whose dog is that and how can I steal it? Trader Joe's brown rice pasta is great too!

Anonymous said...


Darlene Minsie said...

I have read some websites that says that gluten free pasta is a healthier option for pasta lovers that are health conscious. I’ve seen that Tinkyada when I went to the grocery yesterday. I will buy that brand next time I go to the grocery.