Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bye Bye Boston

The day has come. Time to say goodbye to a city and people I love.
For this morning I'm starting my roadtrip to my new (maybe temporary?) life in Houston Texas. I'll start my dietetic internship (the last step before becoming a RD) at University of Houston next Wednesday. I can't wait to make new friends, explore a new city and take the final steps (maybe. masters?) before starting my career (full-fledged )!

Time to say goodbye to the many places i have wandered throughout Beantown, hug the people who have let me into their lives, and promise I'll be back soon. Despite the miserable winters, horrible MBTA system, and sometimes not welcoming characters, I've fallen in love with this little city-with-no-grid-systems-and-horrible-road-signs. This dirty water has a special place in my heart and i'm sure i'll be back soon.
Next: Roadtrip with my best friend since age 5, T. Miller, and a visit to Carlene's house in Virginia, Jared's in Atlanta, Bourbon street in New Orleans, and the hipster mecca of Austin, Tx.

Next time you hear from me, my hair will be a little bigger, my voice will have a little more drawl, and my skin will be more skin-kissed.
I'm cowgirl enough aren't I?

Off to the great unknown! Til next time!

Any recommendations food-wise for NOLA or Austin or Houston?? I'll eat them up!


Janel said...

I miss you already. Love you!!!!!!! Have a great road trip and tweet lotsa pics.

Jess said...

We will miss you here. But have fun and enjoy the ride. Heck, I know I don't even need to say that to you because I know you will. See you soon love! xo

Teeg said...

saying good bye to Boston was so tough for me! i hope you're doing great and i cannot wait to hear your stories in TX!