Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello Houston (and a NYC Tip)

In case you were worried, I made it to Houston Safe and Sound, with 0 speeding tickets, 1 flat tire (thanks nail), and no broken friendships (even after 34 hours sitting in a car together).

There will be a roadtrip (and DRINK RECIPE) post on Thursday, but for now I wanted to share a couple important announcements:

1. I have a lot of new craft beers to try. it's very very exciting. oh and restaurants and new foods to dig into too.
2. My room is starting to look more like me. ie. ordered chaos and a whole lotta fun
3. Everything really is bigger in Texas. Look at the size of this apple!
4. I NEED A GYM RECOMMENDATION. Please. I don't know if you've been to Houston in the summer but running outside is not an option. (and really who makes a gym without a shower. really???)

5. I'm mad jeal of any NYC Peeps who get to participate in FREE YOGA thanks to LUNA!
LUNA and YogaLocal are collaborating with small NYC yoga studios to introduce more people to the benefits of yoga. They are sponsoring free classes at twenty-four NYC area studios starting July 17, so why NOT Try a new style. Try a new studio. Try yoga for the first time???
Space is limited - so be sure to register today! www.LUNAFreeYogaSeries.com has all the deets!

Internship starts tomorrow. I'm trying not to get nervous. I just have to make new friends and learn, a lot, no big deal, right?

a big ol Texan hug to ya!


Greg said...

Shiner just came out with a grapefruit version too, if you like lighter beers.

marci said...

welcome to houston! did you find a gym yet? i can suggest some or local studios. where are you living here? i hate the heat, sad to not go outside much for exercise!