Friday, July 29, 2011

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat:: Cocos Frios

Hurricane Don might be about to hit, but it's still extremely hot and humid here in Houston. I don't even want to talk about my first attempt at running outside (the 2nd time was better), or the ever-so-attractive beads of sweat that appear on my forehead. I'm taking my vitamin D supplement, because the most sunlight I get is in 1 minute increments. You'll find me next to the AC.

Nothing is better on hot summer days than cool foods. I'm a huge fan of smoothies, homemade Popsicle, fruit, fruit, and more fruit. I'm reminding myself to stay hydrated constantly, and carry my water bottle with me religiously

On the way home from yoga Sarah pointed out a fruit stand advertising "Cocos Frios." Being the curious white girls we are, we used our limited Spanish skills to purchase two whole coconuts, which were machete'd open and stuck with straws. Fresh coconut water after a workout? nothing better
Not wanting to be wasteful, we decided a good after-dinner project would be to harvest the coconut meat. I've slaughtered a young coconut before, but never a "mature one" which is more dry and suitable for shredded coconut. Note: Coconuts are extremely tough to split in half. I recommend a sharp knife. Be careful.
get it girl
perfect in oatmeal or raw brownies!

8 days of orientation are about to wrap up and I start my first clinical rotation on Monday-eek!
Happy Friday!

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