Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Caffeinating in Houston: Part 1

I was bemoaning the lack of a good coffee shop in Houston the yesterday. Starbucks are everywhere, but i knew this city had to have some great micro-roasters. So who to my rescue but twitter, once again. The wonderful people behind Eating Our Words said i HAD to go to Catalina Coffee, Revival Market or Greenway Barista. Lucky me and I had a 3 hour gap to kill (the amount of free time i have right now is slightly unnerving) so i picked my first "victim"-Catalina Coffee.
I walked in and immediately knew that this was a place that took great pride and care in their coffee. With a myriad of options for type/amount of milk and brewing methods in front of me, i settle on a soy macchiato-double shot espresso with a splash of "textured" milk.
Just 4 words: Catalina, I love you.

Unfortunately, no matter how small your sips, macchiatos don't take long to finish. I hate to be the awkward lingerer anywhere so I migrated towards my next AC break, at Revival Market for some Hibiscus Tea to rehydrate. A beautiful small market, with homemade ketchups, bbq sauces, bulk spices, Rancho Gordo beans, and plenty of meat and dairy for those interested. I loved their design aesthetic and commitment to real, whole, artisan foods.
Ok Houston, I 'm starting to get to know you, and love you more. This relationship will work out for at least 6 months and who knows after that!

Catalina Coffee
2201 Washington Avenue Houston Tx. 77007

Revival Market
550 Heights Blvd (at White Oak)
Houston, TX 77007


Jess said...

Is that a moose head on your ring?! lol

Regan - The Professional Palate said...

so glad you are enjoying your new home! i was skeptical about TX when I moved there... then i grew to LOVE it. i still miss it ;( *sigh*