Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finding Veggies in Texas: Part I

Not going to lie-I was a little bit concernicus about finding vegan options in Texas. After all I am in the land of fried foods, and meat is very rarely severed in small portions. So it's been a fun adventure finding places to dine out as a plant-eater! First-Green Seed & Radical Eats:

Green Seed Vegan
An all-vegan food truck with smoothies, green juice and raw options? GET ME THERE!
I was on my way to the movie from studying and hungry, and lucky for me-I saw Green Seed Vegan's Tweets about their location, and promptly navigated there.
I got the "Tosh" A panini with "jerk-style" garbanzo bean tempeh with plantains and spinach.
Delicious, large and super satisfying. I also tried their dill fries-very greasy, but luckily the portion wasn't too large and they were delicious! The price was right, and I'll definitely be stalking their whereabouts again soon!
Check out @GreenSeedVegan to find out where they're parked today! Just make sure to allot enough time-good food isn't fast food!

Radical Eats
Two of my new vegan friends-Rory and Jalena introduced me to Radical Eats-an all vegetarian Mexican restaurant (no hidden lard to be found!). I drove by twice before realizing that yes, this was indeed the location. The interior and exterior were very simple, but that food was fantastic. We got aquas fresco and vegan Jalapeno poppers to start (First time ever!)
For my entree, I decided to go all out with the fried avocado tacos. (I'm in Texas after all). The food was quite good, a little oil-heavy, but the variety and vegan choices on the menu were fantastic! I'll definitely be back-maybe for their Mimosa Sunday brunch??

Radical Eats
Wednesday to Saturday, 11am to 9:30pm
Sunday brunch buffet: 11am to 7pm (w Mimosas!)
3903 Fulton
Houston, TX 77009

So yes, you can find veggie-options in Texas. Just wait for parts II, III, IV....!

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