Monday, October 3, 2011

California Olive Oil Hearts Boston

While my feet are in Texas right now, there's still a huge part of my heart I left in Boston. I miss the people, the esplanade, the food, the hoards of college kids wandering around Allston every weekend...

So when California Olive Ranch contacted me about their partnership with Boston's local food scene, I said of course I'd like to hear more! You never know when I'll be back in that dirty water. Plus, the pairings they sent me sounded so delicious they're too good not to share!

  • Farm Fresh: For those who want to take advantage of locally grown produce, the SOWA Farmer’s Market offers plenty of farm fresh fare. Transform a typical side dish by sautéing vegetables with Artois Ranch – Mild & Buttery for a delicious herbal hint and notes of banana and leafy greens.
  • For the Decadent Dipper: California Olive Ranch’s Oroville Ranch Bold & Peppery blend is a bold, abundantly flavorful oil with a strong, zesty finish that makes it perfect for dipping with artisan breads like Clear Flour Bread’s Ancienne French Bread, a rustic baguette with a daring crunch and mildly sweet flavor.
Or at least that's what I would do if I was still in Boston. Since I am still in hot hot hot Houston, I tried this EVOO on my Massaged Kale Salad- a lunch staple.
Ingredients: kale and Arbequina California Olive Ranch EVOO-which has a subtle flavor of tropical fruit and artichokes.
Directions: Massage that kale
Add chickpeas, spices-voila!
I also used it when sauteing tempeh with mushrooms.
no need to fear all white foods-mushrooms are little healthy powerhousesAn awesome vegetarian source of protein!
Served over quinoa
But adding fresh roasted garlic to it and using it as a dip for bread or on salad, that was divine.
A couple more things I liked about this olive oil- they are very commited to transparency and sustainability. You can find out just where your olive oil came from and it's stored in 100% recyclable bottle.

And next time you're in Napa, don't just sip the wine, but take in the subtle flavor nuances of olive oils too! Check out California Olive Ranch's website and follow them on twitter too!

Off to go day dream of both Napa and Boston. Sigh!


carlenesfigments said...

I use olive oil every day! Thanks for a sensual kale massage post.

Kirsten Wanket said...


THANK YOU for the kind 'shout out' about California Olive Ranch. We certainly appreciate it. SO glad you enjoy our oil!

Harvest is just beginning, so we're very excited about the next 7 weeks.....

Thank you again, and keep up the awesome work!