Sunday, October 16, 2011

Loving Giveaway

As promised there will be one lucky winner of the Gluten Free Giveaway. But first I must share some recent loves:

  • How about some diabetic sugar bears every morning? Check out this artist's interpretation of our cereal aisles
  • Can you compete using REAL food? (not GUs, gels, etc?) My roommate wrote a great article for Penny Wilson RD's Blog and I think it's definitely worth a read!
  • If you're like me and you love plants and you love infographics check this one out on the benefits of a vegan diet!
  • Can you tell how compatible you are with you new beau? Check out each others' fridges. I love this article in New York Times and while I don't think it's the end all be all, I do agree with this: “Eating really is a mirror to the soul” and “To be in the kitchen with a person you are falling in love with or are in love with or have been in love with is such a great thing,”
  • I made my own sriracha last night. and it is amazing. If you ever get the inclining to do it it's well worth the effort
. America's Test Kitchen shows the way!

Thanks to all the entered the Annie's Giveaway! To be fair I used to figure out which comment/tweet would win. And the winner is... Melissa! Send me your address and some Gluten Free goodies will be on their way!

Have a lovely week y'all!

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Michael@unrefinedsugar said...

Those cereal boxes are brilliant!
who's the creator/photographer?