Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Love November

I love November. My birthday, thanksgiving, weather finally being NICE in Texas, snow everywhere else.... And since today is 11/1/11 I have a sneaking suspicion this year is going to be one of the best. And here are some things I'm loving right now!
  • In case you didn't know Vegan's don't just eat granola, tofu, and grass....

  • Looking for a delicious, healthy meal that pleases the eye? Check out Healthy Aperture Taste-spotting with health in mind!
  • My rockstar roommate made Fruit Kimchi. And it is AMAZING! Check out her recipe!
  • In case you didn't know, our food system is a bit messed up. Subsidies, contamination, obesity, oh my! I highly recommend taking the time to watch part of this debate at the Harvard School of Public Health on the 2012 Farm Bill And check out this graph that explains why a salad is so much more expensive than a Big Mac, thank you subsidies

What's going to make your November extra extraordinary??


workforpeanutbutter said...

It's national PB loving month??? I did I not know this. Now I feel extra validated in my daily pb consumption.

Mariel BOOM said...

Thanks for the link on the Farm Bill debate! Also love list on beer being good for you.
Hope all is well in Texas

Christina said...

yay for national peanut butter month! i'm super excited for thanksgiving though because my parents are driving out to michigan and they are bringing my puppy with them!

Annabelle Ho said...

fruit kimchi sounds awesome. I would love to try making/eating a fruit kimchi sometime!