Friday, November 4, 2011

Java Pura: Purely Heavenly

When I found out that there was 1 coffee company in Houston that roasted its beans within city limits, I knew I had to take a field trip. Since working from home creates a wonderfully flexible schedule, I ventured to the Java Pura headquarters in a very nondescript part of Htown.
I nervously rang the buzzer and was greeted warmly by co-owner Fielding Cocke. He and his team kindly took time out of their busy roasting day to show me around, treating me like I was a partner and friend, despite my being a complete stranger.
Fielding and his business partner Richards started Java Pura four years ago and it is obvious this is a labor of love. The way he describes the beans, the flavor nuances and roasting process is beautiful. He showed me the art and science behind bean roasting, starting with the fruity smell of fresh, clean beans, the smooth roasting smell, and importance of loud CRACKS as the beans heat and expand.
I also learned that coffee should NEVER be drank past 2 weeks of roasting (!!!! have you ever thought about how long beans in the grocery store sit? From roasting to distribution and the hundreds of miles they trek), freezer is where they should live, and it must be ground finely right before brewing. For the first 48 hours after roasting the coffee is still expelling CO2, but after that it starts to absorb other scents and tastes, reducing it's quality. After 2 weeks, forget about it!
All Java Pura coffees have their roasted date right on the label-something you'll never find on other brands. Plus you can only buy their coffee in their headquarters, or in Central Market, guaranteeing utmost freshness.
I got to experience a "cupping" as we tasted coffees they are considering purchasing in bulk.
Also Fielding ran back and forth between keeping a close eye on his roasting beans and making me a latte.
It was delicious. I am still working on training my palate to taste the subtle nuances of cucumber...

After seeing and smelling and taking in the Java Pura headquarters I have been officially converted. I bought beans straight out of the roaster and I'll be stocking up bi-weekly. Some of you will probably be receiving it in your stocking this year. Coincidentally Fielding's wife is also a RD-small world!

So look for the mustang and rooster, a clever take on Colt & Cocke Inc. and know that what you'll find in that bag is of the highest quality, and roasted with love and care.

I'm going back to sipping my espresso now. Have a lovely Friday!

Find Java Pura
5250 Gulfton Suite #4G
Houston, TX

Central Market Houston
3815 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77027

At the Med Center-BRC Rice
6500 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005

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Jess said...

awesome! theres a great place like this in keene nh that I love going when I can get up there. I would love to work in a roastery and inhale the scent of roasting beans all day...