Monday, November 14, 2011

New Bar on the Block: NuGo

A new bar is in town. I saw it first in the JFK airport of all places and decided some dark chocolate protein was all I needed to keep from melting in between delayed flights. Then I started to see it popping up in Whole Foods, right next to good ol' Luna Bars. So when they asked if I would like to try some more of their vegan dark chocolate protein bars I said 'Of Course.' And I found a new vegan protein bar-NuGo!
Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt rocked my socks off after a define body class. The sea salt was something you never see in a protein bar, and it definitely enhanced the flavor. 10g of protein is nothing to shake your head at either.
Yup, sea salt flakes
Mocha chocolate tasted better than any Starbucks creation, the perfect blend of dark chocolate and coffee. And peanut butter tastes better than any rice krispie treat I've ever made. Plus you're getting the additional flavonoids from dark chocolate-anti-oxidants that not only taste delicious but elevate mood, improve skin and may lower cholesterol. Unlike many other bars NuGO is made from REAL dark chocolate-not palm fruit oil or "chocolaty coating."

For those with allergies, NuGo also makes a line of "Free" bars that are Gluten and Soy free as well as Vegan, using Rice protein as their main ingredient. They also have a Larabar-esque bar called the NuGo 10-with only 3 nuts, 3 fruits and 4 seeds. which can be bought for on their website (with free shipping!) You can see all their products and how they might fit into your lifestyle on their website.

In case you're curious, I eat bars when I'm in a pinch and forgot to pack a meal or snack, or if I would like a special treat. At least I'm getting extra protein right?! While I think whole food bars like Larabars are the top of the line, sometimes I crave something chocolatey. I just make sure it's a product where I will enjoy every bite! You can find NuGo bars in most natural foods stores, whole foods, or buy them online.

Want to make your own protein bars? Runner's World posted a recipe for Chocolate Chia energy bars are that look delicious, and packed with nutrition! Perfect post workout snack to make at home.

How do you feel about bars? Have you ever tried NuGo? Any other favorite bars?


Tanya @ Dine, Dash, and Deadlift said...

I'm really not much of a bar person as I don't typically consider them to be "real food". However, hummus and carrots as a snack gets boring and there are some great tasting bars out there that I love to have occassionally for a snack. I always have a stash of bars in my office so that way should I get held up late I have something to tide me over.

I have not seen NuGo bars. I'll have to try them out though! Right now Zing bars are my favorite!!

P.S.- I'm excited for your Supermarket Savvy newsletter to come out as I'm sure it will be packed with foods I can't wait to try! :-)

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

Thanks for your comment Tanya! I too use bars when I'm in a pinch-meetings/appointments run late and i won't be a happy camper if i do not eat. i have a stash in my glove compartment.

I want to try Zing. There aren't to be found in Houston but my mom has a stash waiting for me when i go home to wyoming. (because they would be in a grocery store that serves 7000 people and not in one of the country's largest cities)

and the january/feb supermarket savvy will be full of gluten free vegetarian and vegan treats! xo

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

I have not tried NuGo yet but I would want that Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt bar! I'll be on the lookout for it next time I'm in Whole Foods :)