Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adios Houston

Diploma. Check

such a great group of interns!
I can't say I am sad to leave Houston. I am beyond excited to be heading back to beantown, to start the next adventure in my life. A lot of unknowns lie ahead of me but I'm ready to face them head-on. Luckily I'm not alone. So I'm back to my collegetown, and second home, to create a real life, with a real job, with a real boyfriend (not that he was fake before..)

There are however some things I will miss about Houston. And I would be remiss to leave them out.

I will miss:
  • Shiner Beer. This stuff is pure gold, and only their Bock is distributed outside of Texas, which is just a travesty. Their seasonal ales are unparalleled. Actually Texas has a lot of great breweries. I'll also miss St. Arnold's, especially their Pumpkinator.
  • Define Body. Best Barre classes I've ever taken. better than Core Fusion and that's saying a lot. Toned. Can't wait to check out more new barre classes in Boston!
  • Specs. The best liquor store ever.
  • Mr Bear and Coco. Two of the sweetest most lovable mutts you could ever know and best running companions i could ever ask for. (and yes, Coco can be the alpha dog)
  • Friends I'll leave behind and made my time here much much more bearable. Thank god for airtravel!
  • El Gran Malo, The best infused tequila, ever. I shall also be missing Happy Hours. Why Boston Blue laws, why??

who doesn't want a pb & j shot?
  • Memorial Park, and trail runs within city limits
  • HEB, Kroger, Central Market- farewell Texas Supermarkets
  • LinkRunning in a t-shirt and shorts in January. That was nice. But I earned it after this summer!

Yes, they are mostly all food and drink related.

Farewell Houston. Land of pickup trucks and cowboy boots.

Boston is calling. I made this collage 4 years ago, and I find it rings truer as time goes on:

Over time, slowly it will burrow beneath your skin, lodge yourself in your heart, and head... As you cross the Mass Ave bridge on foot or bike, your heart swells to see Boston, rise above the river, in all its grace and majesty. You've got a lot to learn; Boston's got a lot to teach you.

Let's get this Adventure started!


Tanya @ Dine, Dash, and Deadlift said...

Aww, your Boston collage made me tear up a bit. I will always love that city, but to be honest, YOUR actual homestate of Wyoming has a bigger hold on me than my "real" home.

Best of luck on the next step of your journey!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip back!!!! Boston misses you!

Jess said...

We can't wait to have you back!!!!! xo