Monday, April 30, 2012

April Foodie Penpals

The Lean Green Bean 

Foodie Penpals is the brainchild of Lindsey @ Lean Green Bean Blog Basic premise: get matched with another blogger or blog reader and send a $15 dollar "foodie gift" it's a lot of fun both shopping and receiving the packages.

Last week was a long one. But this Foodie Penpals box from Kelly made my day!  Nothing like a box of food treats to brighten up a day!
These Freeze-dried Fruit Munchies were addictive! The perfect combination of sweet/tart they were a great snack. They never even  made it in cereal or on a salad

Biscoff spread. While delicious, I would never consider this an "alternative to peanut butter". Sorry but crushed up cookies don't have the nutritional benefits of peanuts! It makes a good dessert though!
KIND Clusters- a great bar company now makes great gluten-free granolas. They are mighty tasty!

I've been looking for a great non-caffinated tea, and this might just make the cut:
Apparently Eli Zabar crisps are a NYC favorite. And i can see why! Delicious crunchy toast crackers are way better than bagel crisps!

Want in on Foodie Penpals?If you’re interested in participating for May, please CLICK HERE to fill out the participation form and read the terms and conditions. It's a whole lotta fun!

What new foods have you tried and loved? 


Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

oooh i like kind bars but have never tried their granola!

Deanna - Teaspoon of Spice said...

So fun to see familiar faces with Foodie Penpals :) I love love the KIND granola line - delish!

Carlene @ Carlene's Figments said...

Wow- you have me so, so close to signing up for this pen pal project!!! I envy the person who has you as a buddy-latest amazing food? Yes, Elizabeth finds it.