Monday, April 23, 2012

Elizabeth Eats: Olivia's Organics

 I really do love Salads. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a dietitian and that's what we're supposed to say right? I have an honest love for everything that grows out of this beautiful earth, and especially the green varietals. But it has to be fresh. Ever picked up a bag of supermarket spinach that just tasted like the bag it was packed in? No wonder no one wants to eat their veggies!! Buying fresher produce is definitely the secret to a lifelong relationship with your greens.
I had a chance to talk with some people over at Olivia's Organics and while I have always been a fan of their giant salad clamshells (which are made of recycled plastic and completely recyclable), they are a pretty fab company. Plus they're locally based (to me at least!), and source their greens from only the USA-100% organic certified.

Food safety is a HUGE priority for them, which is REALLY important to me, because salad greens are the last place we should be getting e.coli from. They test every batch of leaves that comes into the plant, and will not even unload the truck until the results come back negative.Then they are triple washed, and dried and shipped out. Their drying process keeps them super fresh.(If you want to learn more about how e.coli can contaminate greens and what companies can do to prevent this, read over this great NPR story!)

Their newest "line" is a cooking greens blend which has the "baby" varietals of some of my favorites. Yes, BABY kale, BABY swiss chard, BABY collard greens, BABY spinach. (Because some things are better small right?) If you've never tried baby kale it's a new favorite of mine. It's much lighter than the grown-up kind, and has almost a spicy kick like arugula!

Icing on this cake? Portion of all profits go to local children's charities. Can't get much better than that! You can find Olivia's up and down the East Coast, at Whole Foods, Hannfords and more

Now excuse me, I need to go enjoy spring in Boston... once this rain clears up. and maybe even do some Guiltless Spring Cleaning
Do you have a favorite GREEN veggie?


Vitamins for Skin said...

I love spinach, so versatile!

Nicole <3

Carlene @ Carlene's Figments said...

Yay for using recycled plastic! I'm glad they have a baby greens version. I think they are more consumer friendly for 'green' greens consumers.