Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Elizabeth Eats: Perfect Fuel

Two things turned me on to Perfect Fuel chocolate right away:
First they are sold in three locations (besides online): Cambridge, Cambridge and Jackson Hole Wyoming. Basically my two homes. Perfect

counting down the days til I will be mountain biking the tetons!
Second, they have the approval of good friend and molecular physics/science of cooking genius Naveen Sinha.

Basically I just had to try it. A small Boston start-up that combines dark chocolate and American ginsing as a pre-workout fuel or snack.

Dark Chocolate (we're talking over 70% here with no dairy people) is actually a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidant consumption is important to everyone-especially endurance athletes, to repair the damage we put our bodies thru.

My verdict? It's delicious! Not very sweet. I thought chocolate would be the worst idea before a run, but because it's not sweet and is dairy free I found it to be a great energizer!

Want some of your own? Buy it at the Perfect Fuel store! Thanks Miles and Nicolas! 

Oh and Happy National Running Day! fitting, no?

Full disclosure: Yes I did receive a bag of perfect fuel chocolates to try. I was in no way shape or form coerced to write a positive review. heck i didn't even have to say pip! I fully stand behind the foods I like. Questions? Ask away.


Jess said...

Happy Running Day! I NEED to try them! I am never sure what to have before a run.

Carlene @ Carlene's Figments said...

That's so great that it's a MA start up! Cool find.

Miles said...

Thanks ladies, and thanks Elizabeth for the awesome writeup. - Carlene, feel free to look us up. We've just created a store locator on our web page and an awesome newsletter is coming out soon. We like to be in touch with customer especially as we expand our flavors. -Miles