Thursday, August 2, 2012

Healthy Airline Travel

Vancouer is lookin fly this week!

I've always loved traveling. Hoping on a plane, no matter how long the security line, never ceases to get me very excited. Finding new places to run, eat, drink and explore in a new (or old city) ever gets old. Which is a good thing since my new posistion as the regional educator for Vega, will require quite a bit of travel, at least right now.  On my way to Vancouver this week (it's beautiful here!), my 7 hours enroute made me think a lot about fueling during travel. And I was staying within North America. How do Olympians do this? (Who else is watching??)

Since I need to stay fueled throughout my day, and airline offerings just really arn't my style (Thans but no thanks stale pretzels and soda products). Plus even Starbucks bumps up their prices once you're through security. $10 for a side salad? No thank you! This is what I pack, that will get you through security without a private screening, and will keep you fueled healthfully!
  • HYDRATE! My reusable water bottle comes with me everywhere. I carry it through security empty then fill it up at the water fountain.
I have to show my Boston pride no matter where I go! You can get one here

  • Shake it Fast! If I need a quick snack I'll shake an Vega Energizing Smoothie into the bottle. (Tropical gets my vote! You can always pretend you're heading to the beach!)
  • Pack it! Avoid ridiculously overpriced airport stores and the unhealthy fast food, and opt for packed trail mix, lara bars, oranges (easy to toss in a bag, without worrying about them getting dirty or smushed)
  • Make Me a Sandwich! Wrap up a hummus and veggie or PB and J!
Happy Healthy Traveling!
What's your favorite travel snack?


Tanya said...

Love the hummus packs too for traveling and that water bottle is awesome. Boston pride!!!!

carlenesfigments said...

Make me a sandwich! I love it. You're my travel expert- you're always on the go!

Julia @ Girl vs. Food said...

I LAHV that water bottle! Also, Vancouver looks lovely- so jelly of your new career.

Marion Taylor said...

Great tips Elizabeth, it's just easy steps like that these that can make the biggest difference in your mood & health when traveling!

Melanie Dealer said...

For my part and due to my time spent with sydney airport transport based on intercon flights, I make sure I do simple exercises in between flights. Take in consideration sleep and rest. Be sure to have your medication also in the pack.

Ray Ashton said...

Actually the air phil express do also have reclining chairs to provide comfort for their passengers on board. And yeah, I always make sure that I do some stretching and basic exercise (like the shaking of the hands and rotating the neck) to avoid the sensation of numbing. I also monitor my diet during flights.

Joan Lehmann said...

Bring as much food and items when traveling, you'll never know what you'll encounter along the trip. Take medicine if you know you easily for dizziness and make sure you ate before you travel.

Antor Biswas said...

This is reminding me of when my family rented a summer beach house and the owners left the dog, Puppy, for us to take care of. I know I never walked him. I don't think anyone did. It upsets me now to think about this.