Friday, October 19, 2012

City Chicks: Bringing Modern Home Ec to Boston

I feel so lucky to have amazing friends in Boston who are doing some pretty rad things. Like the ladies of City Chicks Boston, as they bring modern home ec to Boston, teaching us all how we can be domestic divas (who also work fulltime). Bringing things that my mother did, back into my home. Like canning. Many fall days were spent getting chokecherry jam canned, making homemade salsa and canning beets. My mother's gorgeous garden had to be preserved somehow throughout the winter. And while it always seemed like a chore as we were doing it, the end product was always worth it. I demanded that my mother ship me supplies of salsa and beets winter in college, and the pantry is one of the first places i head to when I get home. So when I saw there was a canning class I thought why not revisit it, and see if I could maybe bring it back into my Boston Household.
Master canner  Ken showed us how to preserve tomatos and make bread and butter pickes. I mean who doesn't love pickles?
Your grandmother may have not had an iPad, but you can follow in her pickling footsteps:
I think Heather summed it up best:

City Chicks’ army of Doyennes (and Dudes) are here to bring back the forgotten skills of the homemaker with an approach that’s designed for the way we live today. With a team of experts sharing skills that range from the perfect pie shell to shucking oysters to basic mending and sewing to at-home bang trims & updos – we show you how to reclaim grace and fill your home life with fun, food, and the satisfaction that comes from mastering a new skill.

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Check out their Class Schedule and register for Knife Skills, Holiday baking 101 and so much more! Gift cards make great presents too!


Carlene said...

I am extreeeeemely jealous you have this class! I would love to go to one here.

Sarah Tyas said...

That sounds interesting! I wonder what other classes are they offering for a mother who's trying to improve her cooking skills. I bet every class is fun-filled and exciting cause every now and then they learn something new.