Thursday, November 8, 2012

New York Bites: Hu

October went by with a flash- 7 states, 2 countries and 1 hurricane will do that to you! But it was a heck of a lot of fun, with some adventures and great food at every turn. If you want to see some of my new favorite places to nom check out the tab Jet Set Eats

When in NYC- dinner at the newly opened Hu Kitchen is not to be missed.
"Pre Industrial and Pre Agrarian Fare."As owner Jordan Brown said "We're not raw, vegan, vegetarian or paleo, but anyone who fits those descriptions will have stuff to eat here."

No gluten, no weird binders, no fillers, no extra ingredients. I got a socca (chickpea wrap) hummus wrap (chickpea on chickpea what??) and organic pumpkin beer and was extremely satified.
Want coffee? Your cream is either freshly made almond milk or grassfed milk. Heck yes! Hu is an all around win

Lots of thoughts going out to NY/NJ/PA which took much more of hit from Sandy than Boston do. Why not Dine Out for Sandy Relief?

Now I'm back in Boston for a couple weeks and we're enjoying the fresh snow!!! Have a gorgeous Thursday from Zooby and I


Carlene said...

Chickpea on chickpea. Mind blown.

Sofia Edye said...

Seems like a bunch of real healthy food will be served right in front of you in this restaurant huh? Oh! and a vegan diet of course, especially for someone like me who's currently into Yoga stuff, it'll suit my diet and my lifestyle.