Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nuttzo winner

Guess i'm not the only one who's nuts for nut butter! Let's start a nut butter anon. Loved seeing all of your posts on PB love-oatmeal, celery or straight outta the jar! With over 40 winners I wish i could have given each and every one of you a Nuttzo jar. But i could only pick one: Laurissa Gulich! Just emailed you!  

Leaving Minneapolis today for VT. More posts next week!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Thrive Mondays: Tea Time


As part of my own personal Thrive Challenge, I've cut coffee out of life and found a new best friend-tea! It has so many different flavors, can be drank dawn to dusk, warms even the chilliest of days and best enjoyed in the company of friends

Thinking about doing the same? Here are some tips:
  • Go light on the sugar and cream. really it's not neccesary. Taste the tea!
  • Relying on coffee to (ahem) get things moving in the morning? Make sure you're drinking enough water and eating enough fiber during the day, and then start your morning with hot water and lemon. A delicious, tart way to start your GI in motion!
  • Your teeth will love you-coffee stains be damned. While black tea can be staining, green and herbal varieties will leave you pearly white!
  • Buy in bulk- find a tea you love? Buy it in bulk and use a reusable tea strainer. No more thrown away tea bags! Or you could check out these reuseable tea bags
  • Experiment  Go to the grocery store, a natural food store, or a local coffee shop and sample a tea you've never had before. My favorite brands are Yogi Tea, David's Tea, and Traditional Medicinals, but there are so many wonderful choices to choose from. Just make sure there are no artifical colors or flavors used! You can also make your own blend!

    Here's to staying hydrated in the winter! Love Brendan's Thrive Forward tips on hydration:
I LOVE the Vega Sport Hydrating Mocktail-made one last night! Check out for the recipe!
How do you stay hydrated?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Peanut Butter Day from Nuttzo

Happy National Peanut Butter Day! Yes this is a real holiday and you best be celebrating. But set down that jar of Skippy. Grab a jar of unsweetened, organic peanut butter please. You'll feel better in the long run, I promise. And yes you can eat it out of the jar, or you can get a little creative. Here are some of my favorite uses:
Oh let me count the ways that i love all forms of nut butter. peanuts, almonds, cashews, bring it on! Which is why, over the weekend i had to splurge on a jar of NUTTZO and indulge in the synergy of cashews, brazil nuts, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and flax seeds! Way to pack a nutrition punch too-you're getting a multitude of benefits from varying up your nut source! Still not sold, part of the proceeds go to fund orphanages around the world-badass!

And of course I'd love to share the love. Winning 1 jar of original nuttzo is easy:
  • Leave a comment below on your favorite way to eat nut butter for 1 entry
  • Tweet: "Happy National PB Day! @ElizabethEats is giving away 1 jar of @nuttzoceo ! Enter here:  "
  • I'll pick a winner on January 31st, 2013
  • Contest open only to US and Canada residents (sorry...)
Enter away! And since we're all winners, there is a special promotion for TODAY ONLY. 50% off Original NuttZo – the BLUE LABEL. Promo code is: peanutbutterday (all lower case). 
Full disclosure: I paid for NUTTZO with my own cash money. Only after I expressed my love for the brand, did they send me 1 jar, along with the jar that the winner receive. More questions? email away! Cool?


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get Cooking Boston!

My friend Heather-the wonderful founder of Homemade Modern Co is bringing modern home ec to Boston. I love her classes (hello canning 101), and they are fun affordable ways to stretch your muscles in the kitchen. She's partnering with Somerville Arts Council and local chefs to share a variety of cusines and cooking techniques with Boston. Check out this killer schedule and sign up!

Food of the Americas cooking class with Ryan Redmond
Sunday, January 27, 3-7pm

One of the things that really interests me, as a chef trained at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, is the history of food. I’m not particularly interested in authenticity as it relates to cuisine, but I am curious to know where foods come from and the story of how they travel and change. The Columbian Exchange - the global transfer of crops, animals, people, ideas, and diseases that came about after the voyages of Christopher Columbus in the 1490s - stands as a major episode of food history. Many foods now found in many corners of the world - potatoes, tomatoes, chiles, corn, squash, peanuts, chocolate and much more - have their origins in the Americas. This “Foods of the Americas” cooking class highlights a number of those pre-Colombian American ingredients. We’ll prepare a roasted winter squash soup garnished with hazelnuts and parsley; blue corn flatbread; seared cod glazed with a maple syrup-mustard sauce topped with a carrot, dried cranberry, pecan salad; and a roasted winter squash, wild rice salad.

Sushi Class with Sushi Chef Jose Garcia
Tuesday, January 29, 6:30-8:30pm

Learn the art of crafting delicious and exquisite sushi and rolls with sushi chef and Ebi Sushi owner, Jose Garcia. Trained for 8 years with Japanese sushi chefs, Jose is well equipped to teach students how to prepare the rice, cut the fish, assemble sushi and make accompanying accoutrements like wasabi and pickled ginger. You will make your own California roll and the more complex avocado roll. Jose will also show you how to make nigiris (more commonly known as sushis) and the rainbow roll—a California roll with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp and avocado on top. You also will learn how to eat sushi while Jose shares his deep knowledge of sushi evolution and customs and explores the differences between Japan and American sushi traditions.

Nepali Meal with Bimala Thapa
Wednesday, March 6, 6:30-8:30pm

Katmandu native and Union Square resident will teach attendees to make a complete Nepali meal. Dishes include Golbheda Ko Achar with Timur and Dhaniya (a tomato-based chutney seasoned with timur), Pulao (Nepali rice with nuts and Cardamom), a traditional curry—and for dessert, jeri (deep-fried wheat flour served with a sweet syrup). Once our feast is ready, we will sit down on the floor, Nepali-style, to eat together and learn more about Nepali culinary and cultural traditions.

Sign up today, and also check out some of her upcoming classes at Kitchen Inc: Like, 30 Minute Meals: Pressure Cooking, and Cooking with Local Winter Produce. Enoy!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Recipe Redux: Immunity Soup

Is there anything better than soup on a cold day? (a warm, mittens, a puffy coat come close) And a soup that nourishes you, with herbs to boost your immunity (drat you cold and flu season!) is even better! This coconut milk soup has tumeric, ginger, and jalopeno for a immune system boost. It's also rich in calcium thanks to the tofu and bok choy.  Coconut milk not only tastes dreamy, but it's definitely a healthy trending food for 2013.  Enjoy!
  • 2 cans coconut milk (1 used 1 can light coconut milk, 1 can regular. You can use 2 of either if you choose)
  • 32 oz water
  • 1 block firm organic tofu
  • 1 raw tumeric root-or 2 T dried tumeric
  • 2 TBS fresh ginger
  • 2 heads baby bok choy 
  • 1 jalopeno
  • 1 TBS Smoked pariika
  • 1 TBS Cumin
  • sea salt to taste
 First things first: Press the water out of your tofu. I was sent an EZ-Tofu Press to try out, which i liked because it was BPA free and I didn't have to waste as many paper towels pressing the tofu, but you can definitely do this without any special gadgets.
(Why am I using tofu? Because it's a great source of vegan protein. I prefer soy in it's traditional form-tofu, tempeh and edamame. I'd rather not use any sorts of soy isolates. Here's my full view. Also soy is an important place to choose organice-since it is one of the biggest GMO crops in the US. There's my soy tangent for the day!) After you press it out-chop it into cubes

Next-chop up your tumeric, ginger and jalopeno. If you can find fresh tumeric-snag it! You'll have the best luck in an indian or asian market, or in whole foods. It's a teeny root, that's loaded with curcumin-a phytonutrient that reduces inflammation, and boost immunity.
 Look at that color! (Watch out-it does stain. Hence my fashionable tumeric nails) 
Now throw in some fresh ginger-grate it, or peel it with the back of a spoon. Ginger is another great inflammation fighter you'll want on your side.
Hello heat! Jalopenos (and all those spicy peppers) contains capsicum, which can improve circulation. Just don't rub your eyes afterward!
The rest is easy peasy-throw the coconut milk, water, tofu, chopped bok choy and herbs all into a big pot. Let simmer for 20 minutes. Serve over quinoa, brown rice or wild rice. Feel free to add some extra Sriracha (i have 3 in my fridge. oops) Enjoy!

Thrive Forward has more tips on how to keep your immune system functioning well this time of year: Check it out!

Want more soups? Check these out:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Thrive Monday: Clean Eating Fundamentals

I'm off to DC this morning, for a week of Vega trainings, and a lecture at Whole Foods Arlington on Cleaning Eating Fundamentals. I'm psyched to get to talk about some of the principles behind Thrive Forward tonight!

Since it is a new year, almost everyone that comes into my office wants to know what diet to start or what detox to sign up for asap. Hold it, wait a second. You don't need a 10 day juice cleanse. Drop Master Cleanse and let's talk about what we can do to start the new year on the right foot after the holidays.

Let's think about what we can ADD instead of SUBTRACT. Once you add enough of the good stuff you're going to crowd out some foods that may not make you feel your best. I don't bel ieve any foods are good or bad. But I know certain foods energize us, and make us want to conquer the world, while others just make us want to take a nap!

  • Nutrient Dense Plant Based Foods: Hello veggies, fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds! These nutrient dense gifts from mother earth will give you the energy you need to tackle today's to-do list. Make these your base. If you're going to add in meat, dairy, and eggs, treat them as condiments, not the centerpiece.
  • Whole Foods over Processed Foods. Hands down you're going to be getting more nutrition if you're eating a food as minimually processed as possible. Trail mix, fruit, seeds, veggies make the best snacks.
  • Look for Organic and Non-GMO when you can. No added herbicides and pesticides is important for sticking to natural, and also those foods that have not been genetically modified. Shop local and get to know your local farmers farming practices
  • If you can't pronounce it ditch it! And i'm not talking about quinoa or amaranth people. If there's a word on the label that you can't dicipher, or its loaded with artificial flavors and perservatives, ditch it!
Start there and you're on the way to more energy, a better mood and your optimal body composistion.

Here are Brendan Brazier's thoughts on Clean Eating:

Want to learn more? Go to to pick up recipes, shopping lists and your top 10 superfoods to energize!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Set Your Intention to Thrive

Hello 2013! Wow you came in with a bang! Tis the time of year, when holiday relaxation ends with a loaded inbox, when the gyms are the most crowded you'll see them all year, and everyone is talking about this diet, or that diet.

Let's take a second. and pause. What do you want this year to hold for you?

I've never been a fan of resolutions. Because they focus so much on what you don't like about yourself, whatyoumustchangerightnow, are lofty, don't have steps and basically just set you up for failure.

So let's drop the resolutions and start this year with some intentions. To me, an intention is something you can hold with you throughout the year, as it motivates you to be the best version of you there is. Inspired by Chris Brogan I've been working with my clients this week to come up with the 2-3 words that you want to focus on this year. I think it's a great exercise to pair down your goals into a broad vision. My 3 words for this year are: Motivate, Grow and Patience. 

I'm making a collage and hanging it above my desk. I'm saving these 3 words as my background to my computer and tablet. I'm putting them on sticky notes in places where I need a reminder. As choices and decisions come up as the year goes along I will use these as my reminders to keep me on track.
As your making your words and your intentions think about the things you love, and how you can make them greater. Don't focus on the things you hate-your weight, your stomach, your job. Because remember:
“The more you are motivated by Love,
The more Fearless &Free your action will be.” -The Dalai Lama

To start this year on a motivating and growing place, I'm so excited to announce the official launch of Thrive Forward. I mentioned it in December but this FREE, personalized online program, developed by Brendan Brazier is there to help transform your health through customized wellness topics most relevant to you—be it energy, stress, sleep, body composition, mood, or even how to eat more sustainably. Brendan’s emphasis is that this is a journey that consists of many small steps.This is not a quick fix solution. These lessons are there to get you started on a path to life long health. I am so proud of this program and what it can do to imrpove each of our lives.  There are infographics, shopping lists, recipes and so much more! I developed some of the content, will be completing the program and posting about it all year long! Once you sign up you'll take a survey to get the personalized lessons, which come in video and text form. Did I mention that it's free?
It's not about PERFECTION, It's about PROGRESS. We can all improve a little more, and in doing so will FEEL so much better. The way i eat right now is perfect for me, it gives me the most energy, but to see what I can improve I'm taking January to reset. I'm not drinking alcohol and I gave up coffee cold turkey. I'll be posting later this week about why I'm doing both, plus I have lots of recipes to share!

What are you waiting for? Set your Intention to Thrive and make 2013 your best year yet!