Monday, January 14, 2013

Thrive Monday: Clean Eating Fundamentals

I'm off to DC this morning, for a week of Vega trainings, and a lecture at Whole Foods Arlington on Cleaning Eating Fundamentals. I'm psyched to get to talk about some of the principles behind Thrive Forward tonight!

Since it is a new year, almost everyone that comes into my office wants to know what diet to start or what detox to sign up for asap. Hold it, wait a second. You don't need a 10 day juice cleanse. Drop Master Cleanse and let's talk about what we can do to start the new year on the right foot after the holidays.

Let's think about what we can ADD instead of SUBTRACT. Once you add enough of the good stuff you're going to crowd out some foods that may not make you feel your best. I don't bel ieve any foods are good or bad. But I know certain foods energize us, and make us want to conquer the world, while others just make us want to take a nap!

  • Nutrient Dense Plant Based Foods: Hello veggies, fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds! These nutrient dense gifts from mother earth will give you the energy you need to tackle today's to-do list. Make these your base. If you're going to add in meat, dairy, and eggs, treat them as condiments, not the centerpiece.
  • Whole Foods over Processed Foods. Hands down you're going to be getting more nutrition if you're eating a food as minimually processed as possible. Trail mix, fruit, seeds, veggies make the best snacks.
  • Look for Organic and Non-GMO when you can. No added herbicides and pesticides is important for sticking to natural, and also those foods that have not been genetically modified. Shop local and get to know your local farmers farming practices
  • If you can't pronounce it ditch it! And i'm not talking about quinoa or amaranth people. If there's a word on the label that you can't dicipher, or its loaded with artificial flavors and perservatives, ditch it!
Start there and you're on the way to more energy, a better mood and your optimal body composistion.

Here are Brendan Brazier's thoughts on Clean Eating:

Want to learn more? Go to to pick up recipes, shopping lists and your top 10 superfoods to energize!


Carlene said...

I love that you're talking about adding instead of subtracting!

carolinamenucci said...

I love that he said 'getting better feels good' so true :)