Monday, January 28, 2013

Thrive Mondays: Tea Time


As part of my own personal Thrive Challenge, I've cut coffee out of life and found a new best friend-tea! It has so many different flavors, can be drank dawn to dusk, warms even the chilliest of days and best enjoyed in the company of friends

Thinking about doing the same? Here are some tips:
  • Go light on the sugar and cream. really it's not neccesary. Taste the tea!
  • Relying on coffee to (ahem) get things moving in the morning? Make sure you're drinking enough water and eating enough fiber during the day, and then start your morning with hot water and lemon. A delicious, tart way to start your GI in motion!
  • Your teeth will love you-coffee stains be damned. While black tea can be staining, green and herbal varieties will leave you pearly white!
  • Buy in bulk- find a tea you love? Buy it in bulk and use a reusable tea strainer. No more thrown away tea bags! Or you could check out these reuseable tea bags
  • Experiment  Go to the grocery store, a natural food store, or a local coffee shop and sample a tea you've never had before. My favorite brands are Yogi Tea, David's Tea, and Traditional Medicinals, but there are so many wonderful choices to choose from. Just make sure there are no artifical colors or flavors used! You can also make your own blend!

    Here's to staying hydrated in the winter! Love Brendan's Thrive Forward tips on hydration:
I LOVE the Vega Sport Hydrating Mocktail-made one last night! Check out for the recipe!
How do you stay hydrated?

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Jess said...

I tried a republic of tea sample at whole foods once - cardamom and cinnamon or apple cider or some sort ofof cchocolate! They were all so good, although an expensive brand!