Monday, February 4, 2013

Thrive Monday: What about PROTEIN?

If you are now or have ever considered becoming more plant-based (Read vegetarian or vegan) than you've definitely gotten this question

But where do you get your protein? 

Think vegans are scrawny hippies?
Tell that to this guy

(Montell Owens-plant based running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars)

or this 2-time Olympian

Kristi Richards

or this all natural body builder

the one, the only, Robert Cheeke

Yes you can get enough protein on a vegan diet!

Rule of thumb- for average joe- 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight.

Take your weight in lbs, divide it by 2.2 and then multiply that by 0.8. Example 150#=68kg x 0.8= 54g protein per day. If you are strength training you can go up to 1.8g protein per kg of body weight. Endurance athletes should get 1.2-1.8g protein per kg of body weight.

But it isn't complete!

You're right-you need to mix and match vegetarian proteins to make sure you get enough of all of the amino acids. (Amino acids are like the building blocks of muscle). But variety is the spice of life and even if you aren't vegan you should be mixing up your protein sources (all chicken all day does a boring life make). Here are some examples of vegan protein: (for a complete list + menu ideas click here)

1 cup lentils=18g protein
1 cup black beans=15g protein
1 cup kidney beans=13 g protein
4 oz tofu=11g protein
1 cup quinoa=9g protein
2 TBS PB=8 g protein
1/4 c almonds=8g protein
1 cup cooked broccoli=4g protein

These super yummy mix-and match protein bars are an easy way to get some more protein in your life-and can be made at home! Check out for the recipe!

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Carlene said...

Those are some bad ass athletes. Why isn't your picture up there!?

Unknown said...

You forgot to mention tempeh, edamame, hemp seeds, soy nut butter and nutritional yeast!
20years vegetarian, last 3 as vegan here :)