Monday, April 22, 2013

Thrive Mondays: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Being Vegan on Earth Day

The earth is a pretty rad place.
I quite like having it as my home

And I think it'd be pretty cool if it was around for awhile

We've been not so nice to the earth. but luckily for me and you, we do have the power to start to make amends. 

and that starts with plants. 

WHAT?? You say. She's gone off the deep end. plants aren't going to save the world!

well they could. When we think about carbon footprint and reducing our impact on the earth we immediately think of recycling, and driving more fuel efficient cars. That's great and important, but our food choices have the greatest impact on our carbon footprint.  Modern day food production takes a lot of resources. you need a whole lot of water, and feed to produce meat in the quantities we demand today. and if it's not done in North America, it's probably coming from South America, at the expense of some amazing rain forest.The carbon emissions from food production is greater than ALL means of transit around the world.

The cool thing about plants is that they don't  need much. And yes you can still get enough protein and calcium from them. And they sure can taste delicious.
FUN FACT: According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) If an American family of four ate no animal products for just ONE day a week, every week for a year, it'd be like taking their car off the highway for 5 weeks. If we all did it, just one day a week, it would be like not driving 91 billion miles!!

FUN FACT: Producing that quarter pound burger requires over 1,000 gallons of water.Plant-based proteins require 1/100 of that. 

Simple, painless ways you can reduce you food's carbon footprint:
  • Embrace Meatless Mondays! For one day a week, toss the meat. There are a multitude of easy, simple meatless recipes out there. Look here, here, here and here
  • Try 1 plant-based meal a day no you don't have to go completely vegan, and start rejecting fur. But starting with just one plant based meal a day is a great first step. A big power salad, or a smoothie? Bam. Take that global warming! 
  • Not ready to go plant-based for just a day? Check out the EWG's guide for Meateaters-eat Greener meat! 
  • BYOB-Bring Your Own Bag. I know it's cliche. just do it. Here's an adorable one from inslee if you're worried about not being fashionable
  • Green is beautiful Think about making your beauty green too! Here are some fabulously GREEN beauty products
  • Thrive Forward Brendan Brazier has great resources about sustainability and food choices on There's lists of most and least GREEN foods, and how to  make it easy to eat GREEN. Here's a sneak preview:

How are you staying green this earth day?

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Absolutely amazing stuff! Love the images and the description, great!