Monday, May 6, 2013

Top 10 Race Day Neccesities

There is nothing I love more than traveling to run somewhere. Not going to lie, many trips are planned around meals and runs. That's how I roll. But in order to stay sane you have to pack your bags well. And double-check them. Because leaving without running shoes is nightmare material.

Since you asked, here are the 10 things I can't leave without when going away for a race weekend
  1. The entire Vega Sport line-ifell in love with it 4 years ago and never looked back. It's why I now work for Vega and love every second of it. Recovery Accelerator is a game-changer
  2. Chlorella-i can pop this micro-algae like candy
  3. Oatmeal-for the last carbohydrates before I start a race, about 3 hours before the starting gun goes off.
  4. Red Ace Organic Beet Juice- not only is beet juice delicious, but it's loaded with antioxidants and helps your body to produce more nitric oxide--making your blood vessels dilate getting oxygen and nutrients in and waste out even faster. New-to-me drink that i've been loving before workouts.
  5. Coconut Water- For long runs I mix Vega Electrolyte Hydrator, dehydrated coconut water and Reboot for electrolytes, mad antioxidants and that taste delicious.
  6. Compression socks-For immeaditely after. I dismissed these for a very long time. I'm sorry calves that i never took care of your before!
  7. Bahston pride-showed some Boston strong spirit with our bamboo Bahston Runnah tshirts from raw threads.
  8. Kiehl's Cross Terrain- UV protection + chafe protection all in one cream. For everything from sky-diving to skiing. and running obviously. (so what if it's in their "mens" collection. I love this stuff and Tara does too)
  9. Muscle Massage Bar- to tide me over til i can get home to my beloved foam roller, I use Lush's wiccy magic muscle massage bar. It's amazing. try it out!
  10. Sweet shoes- Saucony Kinvaras have carried me through 2 marathons, many halfs and more training runs. (not the same shoes silly, but the same line)
This past weekend I headed up to gorgeous Burlington VT with future dietitians Jen and Julia for eating, sight-seeing and a half marathon. It wasn't my best time, or my favorite race, but you can't always win right? I love Jessica Caouette's mantra of "Running is a Privledge" and that's what i kept in mind as a plodded along. Now I need plenty of yoga, before i hop right back on the running horse and get back to the speed i was 3 years ago (ouch).
my awesome running partners
This makes me all the more amped up for the Lululemon Seawheeze in August and whatever races I decided to run in-between!

What's in YOUR travel bag?

PS It's also International No Diet Day! Basically the best holiday. Please stop being like the girls behind me in yesterdays race, talking about the number of calories they have burned so far, and instead focus on how strong your body is, and treat it with the food you need. If you think you need a professionals help to stop the yo-yo dieting cycle you're on-shoot me an email!
Disclaimer: See those products in the bag above? Bought them. Used them. Loved them. No one is paying me to put their products in a list like this, though that would be pretty sweet. Have a question? Ask away!

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