Friday, July 26, 2013

Giveaway: Tiesta Tea

Yes, I am sipping tea this morning. Yes it is almost July. Don't want to get into a debate about this, but 100 degrees one week to 60 degrees the next?? Tell me climate change isn't happening. I'm not complaining, since I"m definitely not cut out for humid Boston summers (snow and skiing again please?)

But this tea. This tea is rad. My friend Andrea is my tea guru. She introduced me to the wonders of David's Tea (my bank account is not so happy about this relationship) and when she started raving about Tiesta Tea I knew they had to pretty awesome to deserve her respect.

Tiesta produces only all-natural loose-leaf tea blends with real fruits and herbs. You can select what type of tea you want (green, white, black, rooibos, yerba mate, herbal etc) or you can select some of their blends--Energizer, Relaxer, Immunity etc. I mean who doesn't want a lemon merainge chamomille before bed?

I tried their Relaxer: Palm Beach Punch (iced), Immunity: Fireberry, Eternity: Blueberry Wild Child. The flavors and rich hue of their teas was unbelievable. I just had to ask--did they use any artifical colors or flavors? (one my main grips with David's Tea). Nope--all natural. Look at this iced Palm Beach Punch. This is real life folks

Hot or cold they are delicious. I love their Brewing 101 guide. And I am oh so glad to share Tiesta with you!

  • Contest open from today until Friday August 2nd.
  • Winner will recieve one tin, two pouches and one t-sac
  • 1 entry for leaving a comment below (with your email address) about your favorite flavor of tea
  • 1 entry for tweeting "Enter @ElizabethEats #Giveaway of @TiestaTea "

For everyone, the folks at Tiesta kindly offered a sweet coupon code: NoSCTea11 for 15% off and Free Shipping on

Enter away!

and if you need some reading material while you sip that tea, I highly recommend downloading the new Supplement Goals Reference Guide by One of the most commonly asked questions I get in my private practice is "What kind of supplement should I be taking." This guide is the first comprehensive database that reviews all peer-reviewed research DONE ON HUMANS (not animals or in a test tube). Curious about glutamine? Or OMega-3s? Or green coffee bean extract? You need this guide. Now. is the best, and they aren't tied to any supplement companies, so you know they're not putting positive spin to make themselves look good.

Happy reading and tea sipping

Full Disclosure: Tiesta gave me three free samples of tea. I was not compensated for this review or giveaway. just rocks--they don't pay me. Questions? Ask away!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Recipe Redux: Healthy Snacks for Traveling

Summer=travel, travel, travel. Every weekend is jam-packed with plans, and I'm not complaining. But you definitely need good eats to keep you fueled while you're on the go. I love that Recipe Redux is polling dietitians today for healthy snacks while traveling. You're definitely going to want to click on the links below.

Here are my top healthy snacks for airline travel

Here are my top snacks for a road race

Every adventure is better when you're well-fed
What are your favorite travel snacks and/or summer plans?? 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Reading List

I love to read. Really I do. I think approximately 50% of my childhood was spent with my nose behind a book. I gobbled up everything I could at our public library--from science fiction to memoirs to fantasy (I also went through a King Arthur phase where I literally read everything written on him). Once I was even a book for halloween--true story.
even better, it was a book about horses.
my sister was a princess.

But as an adult I've been having a harder and harder time finding the time to sit down and read a book. There are countless excuses I make. But i know reading makes you a better person, and Carlene and Matt and Gina's own reading pursuits have made me try to make a more concentrated effort to curl up with a book. My other fault is that I gravitate towards nutrition and science nonfiction. Fascinating to me but not exactly helping my imagination grow. I definitely believe readng makes you smarter and a better writer, so obviously I need to up my reading game.

Must Reads

Lean In
If you haven't heard about Lean In I'm pretty sure you've been living under a rock (and how are you reading this now??) A must read for any woman who wants to be successful in business/work, and any man who wants to help women get there. girl power!

I gobble up everything Michael Pollan writes. Not only do I love the subjects of most of his books (food) but he is a wordsmith who turns what could be a dull topic into a delight. Cooked is my new favorite book he's written. Divided into 4 chapters of 4 different ways to transform food (fire, water, air and earth), you'll find yourself wanting to sneak just a couple more pages in. Cooking is the best thing you can do for your health, and if Cooked doesn't convince you of that, I'm not sure what will.

Sugar Salt and Fat
Again, another "if you eat, you should read this" kind of book. A fascinating look at the food industry and how much control they have over the choices we make when dining out or shopping in the grocery store. Here's a full review if you're still hestitant.


I keep a queue running on pinterest of "to reads" I think i'm going to take my sisters' advice and tap into my creative side with The Artists Way next

What do YOU think I should read??

Monday, July 1, 2013

Good Bean Giveaway Winner

The winner of some pretty sweet chickpea snacks ie Good Bean are:
Kelsea, Melissa and Rachel

Look for an email in your inbox!

Happy Monday to everyone. Happy Canada Day to those Canadians. Happy 4 day workweek to us Americans. Hello July