Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thrive Forward Kitchen Edition has Launched!

Things have been busy over at Vega with the lauch of Thrive Forward Kitchen Edition
Brendan Brazier (plant-based Ironman triathlete and formulator of Vega) created Thrive Forward in January as a FREE online nutrition education program. This isn't your run-of-the-mill nutrition program. Going beyond just what is clean eating, and label reading Brendan also dives into topics like digestion, eating for mood boosting, and dealing with food allergies. He also launched a Sport chapter that is an indespensible guide for athletes of all types--endurance, strength or functional fitness enthusiasts.
Now with the launch of the Kitchen Edition takes what you've learned about the what, and why and shows you HOW to cook to thrive. Brendan turns to the experts--Chef Susan Feniger (restaurantaur and charasmatic Food Network Star!), Chef Matthew Kenney (raw guru who makes raw cuisine drool-worthy) and Peggy K (fun holistic nutritionist who shares her kitchen cures).

The recipes, I want to make them all! From protein pancakes to raw chocolate mousse to dragon bowls, i'm drooling just thinking about the recipes. They can easily be modified depending on whether you're a novice or pro cook and what ingredients you have on hand/are in season. In fact, Susan leads an entire chapter on how to be creative in the kitchen with base recipes and how to use flavor combinations and seasonal ingredients to take your dishes from boring to unbelievable.  There's also now a Recipe Center on Thrive Forward, if you're in a pinch and just want to find a recipe.

I'll be posting some fun plant-based recipes I'm in love with over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime get your butt over to Thrive Forward and register or log in and add the Kitchen Edition to your learning queue.