Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy National Kale Day

Yes, this is TOTALLY a real holiday. You may think that Orange is the New Black, but really KALE GREEN is the new black. Kale is so hot right now. I'm sure you've noticed.

So here's how to celebrate National Kale Day in style
Wear Kale
Yes, seriously.
Eat Kale
Massage it, drink it, love it
I mean,every day is kale day, but let's take a little extra time to celebrate today!

What's your favorite kale recipe?


Kim McDevitt said...

I got a "Kale is Kool" bag from Brad's Raw Kale Chips last week. Pretty much made my month.
Also, I sort of love Orange Is The New Black. We're plowing through it, marathon style

Carlene Thomas RD said...

"Ever day is kale day". Word girl.

Tanya @ Dine, Dash and Deadlift said...

Kale and I are buds...must seek out one of those shirts!