Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This won't be the last time I say it, but I work with a remarkable group of individuals.  People that inspire me, that push me, that laugh with me, that hold me accountable. So when Bridgette encouraged  me to join the Vega Education Team's March Meditation challenge, I was like yes please!

See, I've gotten quite ADD in the last 5 years (yes, this is a self-diagnosis). Combination of more screens, wayyyyy too much time on said screens/social media, more work and constant multitasking means my brain never shuts up. Even when doing yoga my mind is rattling off to-do/to-text/to-tweet/to-talk lists. It's quite distracting. I've known about, and wanted to reap the benefits of meditation for quite some time. I'm all about mindfulness, especially around food, but I realized I need to practice what I preach by incorporating mindfulness into more areas of my life.
Look I'm even back to Journaling! (that's another post)
The thing I've had to keep front and center this month is that meditation is a practice. You're not going to be able to turn on beach sounds, sit down, and let your mind go blank. Nope, not happening. That takes practice. and it'll never be perfect.

So to help, I've enlisted the aid of two rad apps: Head Space and Stop. Breathe. Think. (there will probably be more apps, but these are the two i've tried and loved so far). 

Head Space 10 minute guided meditation by a wonderful British man. Get some (Head space that is...)

Stop. Breathe. Think. So what if it was created for teenagers. My brain is sometimes like a teenagers. I LOVE that you input your mood, your physical state and then emotions to generate a customized meditation. and the app is FREE!! (adorable cartoons of your brain don't hurt either)

11 days in, and I'm loving it. The animals love it too
"What, you're not on the floor just to pet me???"

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Janel said...

time to download some apps. i need this!

Kim said...

go team.