Monday, April 14, 2014

Get in the Know: 75toGo

If you've could look in my inbox, you'd realize I'm a compulsive email list subscriber. I find a website or blog that I like and instantly add myself to their newsletter. This happens to be how I stay semi-on-top of what's going on in the world. But while I learn a lot from these various website and blogs, it can be quite overwhelming, and with the same compulsion I add myself to lists, I also send the same emails to Trash. While I have been better about unsubscribing lately, there are some newsletters and blogs that I will never not read.

75toGo is my new favorite. Run and curated by my friend Kevin Liu, 75toGo delivers longform articles to the 25-year-old trying to survive their next 75 years. How great is that??

While the main focus is on health and fitness issues (which I appreciate), they also talk a lot about food, fashion and living the good life. The thing I appreciate oh so much (and is sadly lacking in most content) is their dedication to research. If you've ever worked with me, you know that high-quality writing + research to support it = makes me keep on keepin' on. 

Plus, although most their articles are dripping with information (hello 2000 word essays), and completely worth devoting 5 minutes of your life too, if those 5 minutes would be better spent elsewhere, you can digest a quick and dirty synopsis.

I suggest you start here: The Best Coconut Water and Will Lifting Heavy Weights Make Me Bulky?, then add this one to the top of your "Awesome websites to subscribe to" list. I sure have.

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