Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ladies you need to know: Shupe's Soups and Healthy Roots Meg

Seeing people I work alongside shine and thrive makes me oh so happy! I feel so grateful to be surrounded by a community of talented, inspiring and just plain remarkable people.

These two ladies just redid their website and you simply must check them out:

Morgan Shupe: Shupe's Soups
 Morgan's food is one of the many reasons I wish I lived in Vancouver. Vega HQ is pretty baller, but it wouldn't be the same without the epic salad bar, soup and entrees this girl whips up single-handedly every day. If you've ever checked out a Vega recipe, there's a high likelihood that Morgan created it. Not only are her recipes delicious, but she's super fun, has wicked cool tattoos and loves cats.

Morgan cooks, lifts and has sick tattoos. get to know her.

If you've ever had tummy troubles, Meg's your gal. As a nutritionist, she focuses not on one specific nutrition paradigm, but on working with her clients to make them feel their best in their body. She's passionate about healthy food systems and is making huge positive changes in the Toronto area. Check out her blog for inspiring lifestyle articles and delicious recipes!

Still bored with the internet? Don't forget about 75toGo and Fitness Leash!

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