Friday, September 12, 2014

Love Lists: Now with more cowbell

Howdy folks!

Here's what I'm loving:

Moving: With November Project Denver of course. It was heartbreaking leaving the November Project Motherland and leaving that tribe. Luckily, the mile-high tribe is really really cool. I got to lead them today, which made my life. (and heals the sadness that I didn't get to climb a 14er with my positivity award). I wrote a recap of today (which includes a cowbell app you simply must download).
Eating: Everything and anything Oh, Ladycakes makes. This woman not only makes the most delicious food, she's also the sweetest human being. You should follow her blog ASAP. (ok fine, need more convincing? Saveur Editors may have named her Best Original Recipes out of ALL the food blogs in the world).
Drinking: A lot of beer still. (can't stop won't stop). When I'm not drinking beer, I'm probably sipping on tea or kombucha or another alcoholic beverage. This kombucha from Boulder not only has the best name (rowdy mermaid?? genius), it's also effing delicious.
Wearing: Don't worry--I'm not about to go all fashion blogger on you. I just think you need to know about Yesler. This brand-new athletic company just launched their KickStarter to get their American made sports apparel into your hands. I wear athletic clothing 75% of the time (true story: I don't own a pair of jeans) and I'm so happy to finally be able to support a high-quality, fashionable athletic wear company that doesn't export their labor.  
Reading: Micah Risk's cover/story in Runner's World of course I don't subscribe to any magazine, but the Runner's World redesign is great, and they have one of the most badass/kind/strong/healthy/plant-based/superwomen of all time on the cover. Snag a copy.
Cooking: I've already admitted that I'm an awful baker. I'm also a good--not great--cook. I want to move from the good realm into the oh-my-god-give-me-more status of cook. So I've signed up for Rouxbe's Plant-based Professional Culinary Certificate program. My friends Emma and Tara did it last semester and their photos of fresh-made pasta made me drool. You can never have too much pasta in your life, so I'm upgrading my kitchenware and diving in. Wish me luck!

Lastly, some good news: Exercising for just 5 minutes a day has benefits. Don't think you have to be running ultra marathons or working out 6 days a week. Everyone starts somewhere and it's best to start small.

Tell me ONE thing you loved this week!