Friday, February 6, 2015

Weekly Love List: Hello February

Here's What I'm Loving:
Running: Everywhere in Colorado to train for my first ultra: Ragnar Relay SoCal (with 6 peeps instead of 12). If anyone has any ultra training tips I'm all ears. Luckily I have a badass crew to train with, whether it's 70 or 15 out. (This weekend will be 70. sorry East Coast). 

Drinking: Yaupon tea! I gave up coffee two years ago (except for the occasional cold-press from Corvus Coffee), and try to eat more locally/seasonally, but never stopped to think about how all of the tea I drink daily comes from a land far, far, away (and unless it's organic fair trade, probably not under the best working conditions).  So I was so excited to find out about Cat Spring Tea which harvests and sells yaupon tea from Texas. The only caffeinated plant native to North America, Yaupon is a cousin to the oh-so-popular yerba mate and guayusa. Owned by two entrepreneurial sisters, Cat Spring Tea creates more jobs in Texas (at fair wages). I LOVE the Stateside Chai blend, as well as Green blend.

Until Sunday when the return of my shows starts again (looking at you Better Call Saul! you'll tide me over until Game of Thrones and Mad Men), I've been absentmindedly flicking through Netflix, failing at watching the movies I actually want to see, and staring into YouTube space. Luckily Carlene Thomas has a lovely new YouTube Channel, and in her first video she answers my favorite question: Should I juice cleanse?

What have YOU been loving? Tell me pretty please!


Arifin Noviyadi said...

I think, running is the best choice to do because keep me healthy.... :)

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