Friday, March 6, 2015

Giveaway: RawSpiceBar

I know, boxes are a dime a dozen. Whether it's makeup, natural food, or pet food, everyone is making a monthly subscription box. I usually just say no, but when I got an email from RawSpiceBar, for their monthly spice collection I was intrigued. I only recently finally bought a mortar and pestle, and in my hunt for authentic food from around the world, I've been hunting down spices in ethnic markets and specialty stores. Have curated freshly ground spices from top Chefs sent to my door is a very intriguing idea! 

Each month as a RawSpiceBar subscriber you receive three unique, globally-inspired, freshly ground spice blends to use in every day cooking AND recipes that incorporate each. Whether you consider yourself a foodie or a brand new cook, these blends can elevate your cooking. 

How to Enter to Win a 3-montRawSpiceBar subscription:
  • Leave a comment below on your favorite spice and how you use it.
  • Receive a 2nd entry by Tweeting "Enter to win @ElizabethEat 's @RawSpiceBar #giveaway"
  • Receive a 3rd entry by sharing a picture of your spice drawer on Instagram and tagging @ElizabethEats and @RawSpiceBar 
  • Contest open from Friday March 6th 10AM to Friday March 13th 8AM. 
  • Open to residents of US and Canada only

Happy entering! I'll be here sipping my rose chai from February's box! 
Full disclosure: I received a free February spice collection from RawSpiceBar. I was not paid to host this giveaway. All opinions are my own. 


Judith said...

I love cinnamon! I use it in oatmeal, in my coffee... basically with anything!

Jessica said...

That's a tough question! I love all spices! But right now, I'm huge into turmeric and have been making a to of curries with it!

Brenda Penton said...

I have so many that I love. My favourite spice I think would be chili powder. I love anything spicy and this is the spice my house goes through the most. I love using it in my chili, tacos, etc.


anne said...

So hard to pick just one! I would say cinnamon is the one that I go through the quickest. I put it in oats, smoothies, almond milk, cookies, just about anything!

Glogirl said...

My favourite spice to use would be basil. I love it's fresh scent and love to use it in pasta dishes especially a dish I created called Creamy Garlic Bacon Penne.


Amy C said...

I like to use cinnamon the most. I like to bake with it. I really like to make apple cinnamon bread.

Jordan said...

I use cinnamon and cayenne pepper almost every day (yes, sometimes together! haha). Sometimes I brew coffee with cinnamon in the grounds. Cayenne is used in almost all of my savory recipes...I love spicy food! I also love love love cinnamon and sea salt on sweet potatoes with nut butter.

Judith said...

I realized I left a comment... but not a way to contact me! My email is

Andrew Pham (apham17) said...

My favourite spice would be chili powder, I love Mexican cuisine so chili powder gets used a lot in my household

Andrew Pham (apham17) said...

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